To grow dynamically as a modern pharmaceutical company , leveraging our considerable expertise and creating partnerships as the strategic partner of choice, through continuous promotion of quality information and products towards health professionals . An important objective for us, is to promote the necessary scientific knowledge about our products to healthcare professionals having as an ultimate and decisive goal, to improve the patients’ lives.

Creating Innovation

Innovation is embedded in our DNA. We grow through innovation. In an era of a highly competitive environment which is hardening daily creating complicated conditions in the health sector, for systems as well as for the patients, we produce and exercise innovative solutions that cover todays needs more efficiently, than traditional ways.

We promote a remarkable portfolio of original and generic drugs in many therapeutic categories. Medicines of high quality, some with innovative active substances that make the difference in the therapeutic categories, they belong.

Vnet Marketing Pharma is a new pharmaceutical company and also pharma consultant, servicing the improvement of health and quality of life and also providing efficient ways for the use of resources in the health care system through:

  • Promotion of leading pharmaceutical products, innovative in various therapeutic categories with emphasis on dermatology, pediatrics, anesthesia, gynecology, oncology, and gastrointestinal diseases, via co-promotion with leading multinational pharmaceutical companies as well as with leading Greek pharmaceutical companies
  • Promotion of high value-added and quality, generics, with advanced formulations via co-promotion with leading multinational pharmaceutical companies as well as with leading Greek pharmaceutical companies in the categories of cardiovascular, antihistamine interfering in the metabolism, anti-infectives, of arthropathies and musculoskeletal diseases.
  • Activation in in-licensing agreements, as to establish a flow of new innovative products.
  • Developing nationwide sales network in the market of pharmaceutical wholesalers and pharmacies.

Our partnerships and collaborations:

We have continuous cooperation with leading multinational pharmaceutical companies and also renowned Greek companies which have trusted us with co-promotion projects of important products.

We are continuously expanding through new collaborations and partnerships, in relation to the management and promotion of an on patent or biosimilar product portfolio, as well as with branded – innovative generic products.